Chapter Documents

Chapter By-Laws – These By Laws were ratified by a vote of 10% of the membership at the membership meeting on September 13th, 2011.


Volunteer Hour Guidance – Volunteer hours are the core of TU’s mission to Protect, Reconnect, Restore and Sustain our watersheds and our chapter.

Volunteer Hour Guidance

Liability Waiver: Chapters and councils that conduct work events should obtain written liability waivers from participants, particularly those participants who are not TU members. Waivers from minors are mandatory.

TU’s insurance policy covers our chapter’s liability for personal injury or property damage resulting from a stream restoration or clean-up project. It does not, however, cover situations where workers’ compensation would apply in a workplace injury. In other words, chapters and councils are covered in the event of successful negligence suits against them, but a volunteer cannot obtain compensation for, for example, a back injury where the chapter or council has not been negligent.

When working on a cooperative project with the federal government, be sure to have all members signed up as volunteer workers for that specific project work. Should personal injury then occur, the member would be covered under federal workers’ compensation.

Personal Injury Liability Waiver forms

Chapter Letterhead

Candlewood Valley TU Letterhead

Tax Exempt Letter: This IRS letter to TU National documents our qualification as a tax-exempt organization as described in the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). The original IRS determination dates back to March 1972.

Our E.I.N. (Employer Identification Number) is 06-1496855. (NOTE – per Chuck Rich’s guidance, the correct EIN is now what you see here).

Our Group Exemption Number (according to the March 1972 letter) is 2226.

A copy of this document should be given to our vendors, so that we do not get sales tax added to our bills.

CVTU EIN Document

CVTU Letter of Good Standing


Logos: Below are the TU and the CVTU Logos (click on the image below to open the full size image and then right click on that image to download and save)

Large image suitable for printing

Small image w/transparent background suitable for websites