April 11th: Fly Fishing for American Shad

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April 11, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Join us on April 11th for a presentation by Sonny Yu on his passion for fly fishing for American shad. The annual American shad run is very special and many anglers look forward to it every Spring. The shad swim through the Connecticut River and its tributaries and anglers await their opportunities to hook into these aggressive fish which can run them into their backing.

Sonny grew up fishing, and his love for the sport brought him to the Chicopee River located in western Massachusetts, where he encountered fly fishing and American shad. He purchased a fly rod combo, slowly learned the essentials of fly fishing and never looked back.

Sonny has also written an ebook to share his passion to chase American shad with the fly rod. The ebook contains all the essential information, including detailed instructions and maps to successfully catch shad with a single-handed or two-handed fly rod. In addition to his ebook, Sonny also offer shad flies and guide services through the shad run and enjoys introducing others to the fishery.

At the end of the presentation, Sonny will be holding a free raffle and one lucky angler will have a chance to win a copy of his ebook and a half dozen shad flies.
More information about Sonny Yu and his fishing adventures can be found through his website,

Please note that this month’s chapter is being held at the Meeting House Pub this month due to Bethel town elections using the Stony Hill Fire House as a polling center. The Meeting House is at 37 Stony Hill Road in Bethel, just down the road from the firehouse. Doors open at 7 p.m. with the meeting beginning at 7:30.


Also remember that we’re now doing our Monthly Fly Raffle.

The fly raffle is new to CVTU and is a fun way to see the creativity of our fly tiers. It is about sharing patterns and contributing to the club community. No one is expecting to see expo quality flies. This is more about exposure to new ideas and techniques that might make your tying sessions or trips to the stream a little more productive. Fly tiers of all experience are welcomed and encouraged to participate.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Submit eight flies for the raffle at each monthly meeting. Six will go towards the raffle and two will go into a master fly box for the 2019 banquet.
  2. Bring your flies in a small plastic cup or other small container with your name written on it.
  3. Fly recipes or links to videos are optional.
  4. If you don’t tie flies, you can submit store bought flies.
  5. When you drop off your flies at the beginning of each monthly meeting, you will receive a raffle ticket.
  6. The person whose ticket is pulled at the end of the night wins all of the raffle flies for that monthly meeting.
  7. One entry per person per meeting.
This month’s theme is Hendrickson patterns (dries, emergers, nymphs, or spinners)