New Meeting Location: Stony Hill FD

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As discussed at May’s meeting, Michael’s at the Grove asked us for a significant increase in the rate for our monthly meetings. While there was some support to pay the increase many voices called for finding a new location. Member Peter Samardak, past President of the Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Department mentioned their hall is available free to non-profits. Steve Rudolf and I visited the space after our last meeting. It is modern, bright and perfect for our needs. The board voted overwhelmingly to move to this new space.

So, for this year we’ll be meeting at the Stony Hill fire house located at 59 Stony Hill Road in Bethel, CT. In September we’ll me meeting on Tuesday the 8th. In all future months we’ll switch to our regular meeting date: the second Wednesday of the month.

Many thanks to Peter for coming through for the chapter and thanks to all of you for working with us in this transition.