Tree Planting May 9th

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May 9, 2015 8:00 am to 11:00 am

Deep Brook Tree PlantingOne of the more important factors for health of small streams is temperature control, especially during the summer months. Shade trees are an important element for keeping streams cool enough to be good trout habitat.
The Candlewood Valley chapter has obtained 25 disease-resistant Elm treesaplings from the Elm Tree Institute. We’ve obtained permission from the Town of Newtown to plant these along the Pootatuck River and Deep Brook.
Please join us on Saturday, May 9th at 8 a.m. This should only take a few hours depending on how many folks we get. This is a great event to do with children so bring them along too!
We’ll meet at the end of Commerce Road in Newtown, CT (see link and address below). Please bring a shovel and a bucket if you have one.
This should also be Henrickson time on the Pootatuck, so bring a rod and fish for a bit afterward.
Street Address: 27 Commerce Road, Newtown, CT 06482