Conservation Committee Updates Spring 2015

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Conservation Committee Updates Spring 2015 

Attendance: Jerry Rekart, Tony Mortimer, Joseph Hovious, Bill Bennett, Paul Valeri, Harry Schmus, Mike Fatse, Kit Nielsen, Randy Walker
At our February 19 meeting we agreed that our priorities would be toward:
  1. Existing wild trout waters 
  2. Existing trout waters 
  3. Repair/ restore other waters with an emphasis on advocacy as necessary to protect those waters. 

Some priorities were to:

* ID Other wild trout waters in our area including adding a brook trout layer to maps
* Cold water refuges
* Connectivity projects
* Stream walks/mapping to identify problem areas
* Temperature enhancement projects
* Connectivity issues including culverts, dams, and fish ladders
The group discussed some of the potential conservation projects that came from the February 19 meeting.
  • Develop packages for education/communication including a conservation communications package that can be used easily.
  • Target audiences were discussed including Town Committees, land owners for potential projects, groups at events, students, etc. Versions will be made available on the Chapter website for member use.
  • East Aspetuck partnership with HVA and Pratt Center to review and identify connectivity or other issues in New Milford.
  • The group would like to work with Pratt Center to get additional members trained so that members can work in their local streams.
  • Participate in Still River coalition. Some concerns were expressed that the Still River does not meet our criteria as a cold water resource but we will discuss further as plans develop.
  • Identify a useful protocol for what to look for in stream walks. The group is interested in obtaining training on stream surveys to identify areas that might need work and potential projects. Potential trainers were NRCS or HVA. A phone app that can be used to take pictures and record locations and data has been identified. It was suggested that other Chapters might want to participate in training.
  • Pond Brook, Shepaug, or alternate as a project stream. Members were interested in using stream walk protocol on Pond Brook. The general thought  was that Pond Brook may have potential for improvement work for the fishery, possible adding depth with weirs and bank stabilization.
  • Continue Deep Brook/Pootatuck efforts- The  2014 RBV monitoring Results have been released from the DEEP. You can click on the link above to view the PDF .

We will be meeting again next month to review our progress and efforts.

If you are interested in joining the conservation committee or participating in any of the projects listed above, please contact Joe Hovious .