March Meeting – Traditional Methods for Broodstock Atlantic Salmon

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March 11, 2015 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Ben Belillo

 Join us Wednesday, March 11th 7pm

Traditional Methods for Broodstock Atlantic Salmon

Michaels Grove, Bethel Ct 

For anglers in and around Connecticut, broodstock Atlantic salmon fishing is one most reliable ways to catch a large fish in fresh water. For anglers who fish for sea-run Atlantic salmon in Canada or Europe, the broodstock fishery is a good way to practice presentation close to home and for a minimal investment. For anglers new to Atlantic salmon fishing, this fishery is a great way to learn the techniques used to catch Atlantic salmon around the world.


Topics include:

  • Locations of the fishery (Shetucket and Naugatuck Rivers)
  • Regulations
  • Equipment: fishing with one and two handed rods
  • Identifying salmon lies and typical holding water
  • Salmon behavior
  • Fishing strategies: wet fly, dry fly, tube flies and the riffling hitch
  • Fishing in a rotation
  • Fly selection
  • Fighting, landing and the safe release of salmon


When he’s not behind a set of drums in a concert hall, jazz club, or recording studio, Ben Bilello can be found either on the water or behind the vise. While he’s an avid trout fisherman and fly tyer, Ben’s true fly fishing and tying passion is the Atlantic salmon. Ben has pursued wild Atlantic salmon in New Brunswick, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Russia; landlocked salmon in New York and Vermont, and broodstock Atlantic salmon in Connecticut. A collection of Ben’s classic and artistic salmon flies are featured in Michael Radencich’s book “Classic Salmon Fly Patterns: Over 1700 Patterns From the Golden Age of Tying,” the largest illustrated compendium of Atlantic salmon flies published to date. Ben’s work can be seen at his website and on his salmon fly blog

Swap Table: If you have something you’d like to sell or swap bring it to the meeting and place it on the swap table. Stop by the table to see if there are any bargains to pick up!

Raffle: As always we’ll be running our raffle. You can find a fly box (perhaps with a few flies), hats, maybe even a six-pack of beer. Who knows what Kit will cook up for this month’s raffle. Stop by and find out.

Meeting Agenda

  • Call to Order at 7:30 pm
  • President’s report: Steve Zakur
  • Treasurer’s report: Steve Rudolf
  • Committee Reports
  • Speaker: Traditional Methods for Broodstock Atlantic Salmon

We look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting!