Preliminary 2013 RBV Results

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The results from the macroinvertebrate sampling done in October 2013. Of the nine sites that we sampled, only one had the minimum of four “most wanted” species that the state uses as a benchmark for water quality. This is not an absolute determination of water quality, but it is an indicator.

You can find the full results for 2012 on the DEEP website. We’ll post the 2013 results when they become available.

WaterbodyVol_LocationAWQID2013 Most Wanted
Deep BrookDeep Brook Rd near Pootatuck River141721
Pootatuck RiverWasserman Way by Pootatuck Club144063
Pootatuck RiverBy Tom’s Brook confluence152804
Pond Brookat state boat launch155812
Deep Brookat Baldwin Road off Rt 302160381
Deep BrookDS old bridge160391
Deep Brooknear Brushy Hill Road162531
Halfway Riverat Jordan Hill164212
Pond Brook300m ds obtuse road164252


  1. Ann Astarita

    February 9, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    Thanks to all the volunteers who sampled last September. Your efforts provide a good snapshot of how our streams and rivers are doing. Hope to see you all at the CVTU banquet on 3/21!