Davy Wotton Trophy Trout & Wet Fly/Soft-Hackle Clinic @ HRO

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May 10, 2014 9:00 am to May 11, 2014 2:00 am May 11, 2014 12:00 am to 5:00 pm


Davy Wotton Trophy Trout & Wet Fly/Soft-Hackle ClinicSaturday & Sunday 5/10 & 5/11, 9AM-5PM

Housatonic River Outfitters

(860) 672-1010

hflyshop [at] aol [dot] com

24 Kent Rd/ Rt 7 (intersection of Rt 7 & Rt 4)

Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut 06754

We are bringing Davy back yet again for another of his sell-out two day clinics at HRO, this one will feature one one day of Wet Flies/Soft-Hackles, and one day of tactics for catching trophy/bigger trout. While Davy Wotton is world renowned for his expertise in Wet Fly fishing, he has also caught literally thousands of trophy sized trout, with many of them being big, wild browns, the toughest of all to catch. Davy has some unusual yet fast & efficient ways of rigging his tackle that he has learned through his many years of fishing & guiding, and he will show you how to simplify & improve your rigging. Leaders are an under-appreciated part of fish catching, and Davy will show you how to construct simple leaders that will put more fish on the end of your line.

Davy has caught way more than his fair share of trophy trout all over the world in his 50+ years of fly fishing, literally thousands over 20”, with a personal best brown over 25# on the White River in Arkansas. Much of his fishing time has been spent over wild brown trout, the hardest to deceive, and the spookiest of all the trout species. If you can catch big, wild brown trout consistently, you can catch trophy trout anywhere. There are special tactics, flies and rigs that will up your chances of connecting with bigger trout, and Davy will show them to you. Some of it involves heavier tackle and bigger flies, but not always. He will also show you techniques & flies you can use after dark, a great time to catch a really big fish. Some of it is knowing when to look for bigger trout, but also knowing the exact location of big trout in the stream when conditions vary, because they do move around quite a bit. Certain hatches & times of the year can also up your chances of connecting with a bruiser.

When it comes to Wet Flies & Soft-Hackles, Davy is the undisputed champion- I would say he is probably the most knowledgeable living Wet Fly man in the world. He is old enough to have been taught by some of the old masters when he grew up in Wales (where there is a 400+ year tradition of wet fly fishing), and for close to 20 years now he and his guide clients have been catching untold thousands of trout on wet flies per year in the United States, both in the East & West. You will love his simple, easy-to-make Wet Fly leader system, and he will show you all different ways of fishing them, far beyond the old down & across swing most anglers think of in the USA. Remember, Europeans developed wet flies hundreds of years ago, fishing them over wild brown trout on some very difficult fisheries. What works there will work anywhere in the world.

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The White River system in Arkansas has been his base of operations for a while now, it’s arguably the top trout river system in the world, having produced an all-tackle world record brown trout over 40 pounds, and others over 30 pounds every year. Students attending a Wotton clinic with us are always amazed at how much they learn, Davy has some truly unique ways of rigging and fishing that are deadly efficient & effective. He is a true fly fishing professional- guide, fly designer, fly fishing & fly casting competitor, writer, inventor of the SLF range of dubbings, video/DVD star, and purveyor of fly tying materials. Clinic will run two days, Saturday & Sunday 5/10 & 5/11, 9AM-5PM. There will be one full day of Wet Fly/Soft-Hackle rigging & fishing, and one full day of big trout techniques. Cost is $300, paid in full in advance, and there are no refunds- clinic runs rain or shine. Call shop at 860-672-1010 to book a spot, we fill it every year and have to turn people away.

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