Connecticut Stocked Trout Elastomer Guide

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Elastomer Brown Trout

Right Pink Caught in October 2012 = Yearling Survivor Brown Stock in Fall 2012

If you’ve ever caught a trout on the Housatonic River you may have noticed what appears to be a small splinter of color near the eye of the fish. This is an “elastomer” and is used by fisheries biologists to determine what year class the fish is from. Before being released into the river a colored elastomer is injected near the eye. In future years when the fish are sampled, biologists will know what stocking the trout was from and can therefore gather data on growth patterns, survivability, etc.

Below is the current elsatomer chart for the Housatonic.

You can also find additional information about elsatomers as well as previous years’ charts for the Farmington River over on ctfishguide’s Survivor Strain article.


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Housatonic Elastomer Chart 2013

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