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I’ve hooked the big fish! Now what?!?!

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I’d like to go on record as saying I’ve never hooked a seriously big fish. I don’t fly fish salt (yet) so I have not had a big striper or tarpon rip line off my reel. The largest trout I’ve had in my net was eighteen inches and while he was a fat healthy fish that fought well it wasn’t a twenty-three inch Brown or a ten pound steelhead. So, I’m not an expert here but I think it’s an excellent topic because we all want to be prepared for when the monster fish arrives.

Gary Whipple forwarded me this excellent article from over on that talks about fighting fish. The roots of this article are based upon salt water technique, but they’re equally applicable to fighting fish in fresh water. The whole notion of keeping a fish off balance and putting pressure on the fish using the rod as a lever and pulling against the direction the fish is going are techniques that I’ve used on rivers like the Housy.

Enjoy. And good luck getting your big fish.

Link: Fighting Big Fish