FRAA Survey on Farmington TMA

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The FRAA has put out a survey that you should go over and respond to. One of the things that was clear during last night’s presentation by Neal Hagstrom (Fisheries Biologist, CT DEP) is that there is mixed opinion out there on whether the state should start stocking more large rainbows in the Farmy. The large rainbows would be stocked instead of some of the large browns. The idea behind this is that the rainbows are: a) more fun to fight pound for pound, 2) more readily take a dry fly, and 3) as sterile fish would not present the same “genetic pool” issues that the DEP is currently struggling with when trying to improve the wild brown population.

It seems to be a win all around and most members at the meeting last night were in favor of increased stocking of rainbows.

The survey asks a bunch of questions but stick with it. It eventually gets to the heart of the matter: What type of fish should be stocked in the Farmington River — large browns, large bows or something else?

In addition to responding to the survey you can also write directly to the DEP. You can shoot Neal an email directly at: neal [dot] hagstrom [at] ct [dot] gov

Get out and register your opinion – Link to the survey