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I’m sick and tired of my day job! How do I become a fly fishing guide?

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Well if this isn’t “the” question that you ponder as you sit behind your desk each day then either you have a job that’s better than fishing or you have a wind knot in your imagination. Trading in all this drudgery for the glamorous life of a fly fishing guide seems like the only sensible route to take. Of course, being a fly fishing guide has less to do about fishing than it had to do with being in customer service (albeit, on a river).

I’ve fished with a few guides during the past couple of years and the ones that I liked the best were the ones who focused most on what I enjoyed versus getting all uptight about what they thought I wanted. This really came down to focusing on the client as an individual and not as “Generic Sport desiring to catch lots of big fish”. All these guys (and one gal) had skills on the water but the ones I’ve fished with more than once made it all about me. So guiding isn’t all about fishing.

Phil Monahan over at Mid Current posted the article below on what being a guide is all about and how to get a start in the business.