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This is the time of year for small flies. How do I improve my hooksets?

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Ask BrookThis is the time when small flies are most helpful for catching fish — midge hatch anyone? Midcurrent recently posted some helpful hints on how to improve your chances of hooking fish on these small flies.

On small hooks, the hook-up rates goes down exponentially with size. The solution is to use hooks with bigger gaps. A Dai-Riki 125 or TMC 2488 are big-gap emerger hooks, and you can tie a size 20 fly on a size 18 hook. Tie the flies sparse, so that the body doesn’t block the hook gap. Beadheads can block the hook gap on small flies, as well. Use a bigger gap hook or a longer shank hook, to keep the hook point available.

You can find the complete article on the mid-current site: