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What knots do I need to know?

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Ask Brook

Brook Reveals the 3 Must-Have Knots —

In Brook’s opinion, a fly fisher needs knots that perform three functions:

  1. Add Tippit to a leader – if you don’t do this, your 5x leader will quickly become a 3x leader
  2. Connect a fly to the tippet – no need for explanation
  3. Make a loop connector – handy if you buy a leader without a loop connector or shear off your loop at the end of your fly line.

There are more knots out there that one could possibly learn to tie in one lifetime, so here’s a few that meet the needs.

  • Tippet to LeaderThe Double Surgeon’s KnotThere are many others, but this one is simple and strong. You can even tie a triple surgeon’s knot if you want more strength. Just go a third time through the loop.
  • Fly to TippetThe Improved Clinch KnotThis is likely the knot you learned if you started fishing worms as a kid. It still works great.
  • Loop ConnectorThe Perfection LoopThis creates a loop that will not slip. It’s great for the ends to leaders.