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Trout in the Classroom

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Trout in a TIC  classroom

The Candlewood Valley Chapter has long has a strong conservation mindset completing many projects throughout our area to improve trout habitat. But we also recognize that a big part of this sport’s future and the future of trout will be dependent upon the next generation of fly fisher persons.

With that in mind, the chapter has recently focused its energies on increasing awareness of cold water conservation issues among young people as well as introducing them to the sport of fly fishing.

Fish Tanks and Kids – a Great Combination

Trout in the Classroom is our premier youth outreach program touching hundreds of students each year in eighteen schools in the western Connecticut area. Currently we have tanks in twenty-five classrooms.

Each classroom starts each fall with eggs and releases fingerling trout into local streams in the spring. The program includes a comprehensive curriculum that helps students learn about trout, cold water habitat, and the issues facing this important resource.

Many of the students and teachers who participate in the TIC program go on to get involved in our other youth and conservation efforts.

Contact Jerry Rekart for more information about volunteering or participating in Trout in the Classroom.